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How to Buy Outdoor Furniture

When the weather gets warmer, everyone’s thinking of outdoor spaces and patios. They don’t only extend your home’s overall available space, but they can also be very relaxing and entertaining. Of course, a big part of that has something to do with your outdoor furniture, so you need to practice extra care when you go buy some.


When buying outdoor furniture, it’s best to start by considering your weather. Strong winds can have aluminum furniture flying in midair, while hot and dry conditions can make some wood splinter or crack. Some wood types, like wicker, also cannot withstand constant moisture exposure.


Material is but another crucial factor that must be considered by outdoor furniture shoppers. You’ll want to check how it would fare with your weather, how much care it needs, and of course, its aesthetic.

As mentioned, some types of wood don’t hold up well in dry or hot conditions, and aluminum furniture can be dangerous in strong winds. But aluminum does require very little maintenance, and same with resin or teak. Wrought iron can last lifetimes and hold well against heat and moisture.

Your Space

Look into the shape and amount of space you have. Is it long and narrow? Wide and broad? These are all crucial when it comes to buying the right sizes of furniture. Of course, make sure to leave enough room for walking around comfortably.

Furniture Positioning

Aside from available space, you should also consider where exactly you plan to put the furniture that you plan to buy. Do you want to put a certain piece on soft ground and grass or on a hard surface like a paved patio? Careful with specific wood types – soft woods – which will surely rot with ground moisture. Keep in mind too that some metals may corrode with moisture.

User Comfort

Outdoor furniture is where you relax, so make sure that actually happens. If you buy chairs bare, you can always make your own cushions and pillows. Also perfect for relaxing and rockers, chaise longues and recliners. But be sure to test the pieces before actually paying for them.

Storage Area

As you likely won’t be using your outdoor furniture all year round, be sure to have enough room for storing it. Emphasize on enough – because you can’t just stuff them into a tiny room and expect them to look great when you get them out again. Or simply purchase outdoor furniture that can be used indoor during winter to eliminate this problem.


In the end, your budget decides what you can or cannot buy. July and August (approaching fall) may be the best time to buy outdoor furniture, which usually come with huge discounts around these months.

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