Frequently Asked Questions About Veterinary “Compounding For Pet Owners” and Its Benefits

Animals that require medication to treat a disease or condition often do not get the proper medicine they need or the correct dosage. When this occurs, it can seriously put an animal’s health at risk and that’s why veterinary compounding is necessary. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about veterinary “Compounding for pet owners” and its benefits for veterinarians and individuals who have pets.

What exactly is veterinary compounding and why is it so important for animals?

Veterinary compounding is the practice of customizing existing medications for animals. When a medication is compounded, a registered pharmacist will supply the correct dosage or add an animal-friendly flavor to the medication.

When a manufacturer stops making a certain type of medication, a pharmacist who specializes in compounding can produce the exact medication that’s needed. Animals that have issues with taking pills are able to take their medicine in liquid form after it’s been compounded by a pharmacist.

When compounding medications, experienced pharmacists must adhere to strict guidelines. These medications are compounded in laboratories that are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality product.

What are the advantages of veterinary compounding for veterinarians and pet owners?

The benefits for veterinarians include the ability to effectively treat an animal’s health condition. Even when a needed medication is no longer being manufactured, a vet can order the medicine and receive it in a timely manner. Veterinarians are able to get these kinds of medications quickly and easily by ordering them online through a company that provides this service.

Pet owners will also benefit because through veterinary compounding, giving their pet’s the medication they need is hassle-free. Plus, pet owners will know for certain that their pet is getting the correct dosage and strength of medication each time. Veterinary compounding is viable for all types and sizes of animals including dogs, cats, horses, and reptiles.

When veterinarians and pet owners take advantage of veterinary compounding they can make a huge difference in an animal’s life. Compounding makes it possible to successfully treat various health issues and medical conditions that are common in pets.

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