Tips for Event Promotion on a Budget

Businesses and other organizations choose to hold events for a wide variety of reasons, including fundraising, raising awareness for new products or technologies, and attracting more local customers. Events might be specific to the business in question or they may be more general industry events such as trade shows.

While trade shows and other industry-wide events typically hire dedicated marketing teams to ensure that the event is being adequately promoted and will be likely to attract a good deal of attention, smaller businesses and non-profit organizations often don’t have the luxury of hiring a dedicated event coordinator. They can read on to find some innovative promotional ideas for events to learn more about how to do this important work themselves, though.

Create a Contest

Social media contests are a great way to attract attention. The prizes can be as simple as free tickets, and contests can vary from sweepstakes to Instagram contests and more. There are even websites available that allow users to create free contests that can then be shared across multiple social media platforms.

Take Advantage of Twitter

Given the incredible popularity of social media these days, it would be remiss for any organization planning an event to ignore the potential of Twitter. Creating a simple, easy to remember hashtag will enhance the existing buzz surrounding the event and allow potential attendees an easy means of sharing their excitement. This form of social media marketing allows organizers to reach an incredibly large audience of potential attendees with only minimal effort, so there’s no excuse for neglecting it.

Create a Landing Page

In addition to creating a buzz on social media, it’s a good idea for organizers to create a well-designed landing page that sets forth important details and reasons to attend. This landing page can be sent out to prospective attendees in order to give them an easily accessible list of reasons to attend and can be used in social media marketing campaigns to draw additional interest as well.

Continued Engagement

Organizations that are planning to host more events in the future may want to consider live streaming the event online in order to better engage with attendees. Many organizations also choose to send out polls to potential attendees and allow them to vote about certain elements of the event in advance or share their feedback once the event is over.

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