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Dry or Wet: Which Is Better For Your Dog?

Making sure that your dog has a healthy diet is one of the most important factors in ensuring that he or she has good health. It is important that you first do your own research on ways on how to keep your pup healthy whether you’ve been a fur parent for a long time now or is just thinking of getting your own dog. While searching for the healthiest and most high quality dog food should be easy, there’s just this one debate that seems to be endless: dry food vs. wet food. The problem is, which of the two is right for your pup, considering that they both have their own advantages and disadvantages? Well, here’s a list of things that you have to know about.

Advantages of Getting Wet Food

The fact that a lot of dogs prefer eating wet food is one of its main advantages. Wet food’s flavors and textures are very much similar to the food that dogs would naturally eat. Another advantage is that its strong smell can be enticing and help with your dog’s appetite. Furthermore, in order to ensure that your pup is kept hydrated, wet food is also known to add moisture to your dog’s diet. Last but not the least, it is also known to be a lot easier to chew. This makes it a good option especially for dogs who have dental problems.

Cons of Getting Wet Food

Most of the disadvantages of getting wet food has a lot more to do with the owners than the dogs themselves. A famous example would be that some people don’t like getting wet food because of its strong smell. It also forces a lot of owners to wash more dishes because instead of just refilling the same bowl throughout the day, you’re going to have to wash the used dish and get a new one. One more problem is the fact that dogs tend to make more mess when eating wet food. Finally, wet food will also cost more money compared to dry food.

Advantages of Getting Your Dog Dry Foods

The main advantage of getting dry food is its convenience especially if the owner work away from home all day. Another advantage is that dry food can be easier to keep. Aside from that, it is also a lot cheaper and can be purchased online! Last but not the least, dry dog food can also be of great help in cleaning your dog’s teeth.

The Disadvantages of Getting Your Dog Dry Food

It isn’t good for dogs with dental issues as it is harder to chew. Furthermore, it also doesn’t add moisture to your dog’s diet, so they will have to drink more water in order to stay hydrated.

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